About Us

Since 1997 the Torrens Valley Football Club has been in the unique position of being one of the only football clubs in the Hills Football League to implement a successful merger between the two hills communities of Mount Pleasant and Mount Torrens. The two towns came together to ensure the continuing commitment to local participation and a dedication to the development of senior and junior football.


From this time Torrens Valley has achieved premiership success for senior and junior grades on a number of occasions. Recently the club made another ground breaking move through its promotion to Central Division of the Hills Football League. In only two seasons at the highest level Torrens Valley produced senior and junior sides which competed in the finals series. This represents the ongoing improvement and growth at Torrens Valley and demonstrates to our sponsors and supporters that our continuing success comes from a community effort.


Our senior coaching staff remains focused on developing local players as well as the introduction of new players who share our club philosophy. We strive to produce a club culture that is inclusive, family friendly and measures its success through the commitment to community values. Our dedication to our junior program creates pathways for the junior players to develop and play senior football at Torrens Valley. The junior coaching staff invests their time in developing young men who demonstrate respect on and off the field and value the philosophy of team participation.


This dedication to the welfare of our players provides opportunities for personal growth, through the skills of Australian Rules Football and the friendship team sport brings. Torrens Valley Football Club believes this is an ideal environment for youth to thrive and create lasting relationships with our community.


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